media update’s Jenna Cook delves into the positive impact that blockchain technology can have on you, as a PR professional.

Blockchain is expected to play a very big role in the way that information is created, stored and protected in the future. In order to understand exactly how it will achieve all this, it is vital for you to first have a good grip on what this technology is and how it works.

The technology, in a nutshell, has been created as a digital ledger that is distributed across multiple computers. This network is able to record any information of value, from financial transactions to personal data.

Every time a new piece of data is created it forms part of a new block, which is added to the chain – hence, Blockchain. What’s unique about this technology is that once your data has been added to the chain, it is impossible to alter.

Here is a quick look at three elements of the PR landscape that Blockchain will transform:

1. Blockchain will assist PRs in identifying bots

As a PR professional, you want to make sure that there are real people behind the clicks.

Blockchain is able to validate the identity of a website visitor. And if it is used in conjunction with machine learning, it will have the power to recognise bots –using the BotChain protocol– so that you can determine when bots are being used to falsely pump up your impression statistics.

Having access to this kind of information will allow you the opportunity to ensure that your marketing efforts are earning real, human engagement.

2. Blockchain will allow PRs to securely store clients’ data

As PRs, you can use this technology to regulate the amount of data that is available to the public. And in the wake of recent data protection scandals, it’s no surprise that businesses really need to consider how they store their customers’ personal data.

Blockchain provides a secure and unhackable way for PRs to store client data, safe in the knowledge that none of this data can be changed by anyone but your client.

Making use of this technology will allow you the chance to responsibly protect private information, which can be one of your most vital assets, belonging to you or your clients.

3. Blockchain will provide new opportunities for PRs and clients

You know that staying relevant in the PR industry means ensuring that you stay on top of opportunities for you and your clients.

Blockchain technology paints an accurate picture of the user because an individual can have one block of personal data. This block can be made visible, allowing you to garner deeper insights into the needs, wants and online behavior of your clients audience.

Utilising this sort of information is useful when identifying as you will be able to have a handle on the trends that can enhance your client’s reputation.

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