"We picked the name because you can really do anything you like for Qhubeka," says Qhubeka executive director Tsatsi Phaweni.

"Over the years, our supporters have come up with some really creative ways of fundraising for us. But for many other people, although they want to make a difference, fundraising can be intimidating," adds Phaweni.

"It might be difficult to know where to start. With 'ForQhubeka', we’re making it easier for people by giving them five potential types of fundraising activities to try and all the tools they’ll need to get started," says Phaweni.

All funds raised through 'ForQhubeka' go towards Qhubeka’s bicycle programmes, which aim to help improve people’s access to schools, clinics, jobs and opportunities. 

'ForQhubeka' comprises the following five event types:
  • Sweat 'ForQhubeka'
  • Play 'ForQhubeka'
  • Movie 'ForQhubeka'
  • Party 'ForQhubeka', and
  • Climb 'ForQhubeka'.
"The idea is that people register for the event or activity that most appeals to them on our website, and pay a registration fee of $10 USD. This gives them access to a toolkit for the 'ForQhubeka' option they’ve chosen, which we send them to help them with their fundraising efforts," says Lise Olivier, marketing manager at Qhubeka.

"For example, if you choose Movie 'ForQhubeka', we’ll send you some ideas on different types of movie events you could host to fundraise for us, as well as things like files for a popcorn box template, customisable movie poster and even movie tickets. People can visit the Qhubeka website and navigate to the 'ForQhubeka' page (under 'How to Help') and find out more about the different categories or to sign up."

Olivier says that 'ForQhubeka' has been designed for individuals and organisations alike, locally and globally, who want to contribute towards Qhubeka’s efforts to transform communities throughout South Africa with bicycles.

"People can still opt to do something outside of the five categories ForQhubeka, too," she says. "We’re asking people to dedicate July 'ForQhubeka' because of our two major July events – Mandela Day and the Tour de France."

Mandela Day, held on 18 July every year, encourages people to spend 67 minutes doing something good for the community. 

July is also when the Tour de France takes place. Team Dimension Data for Qhubeka, Africa’s first World Tour cycling team, will be taking part in the tour. The team rides to raise funds and awareness for Qhubeka.

"We’ll be riding the Tour 'ForQhubeka', as we ride every race with the charity in mind," says Doug Ryder, team principal. "In fact, you may notice that we already have ‘for Qhubeka’ in our team name, so we see ourselves as pioneers of the 'ForQhubeka' campaign."

"As well as giving it our best on the roads and in the mountains, we’ll also be doing specific activations for 'ForQhubeka', and we encourage all cycling fans to sign up too because, together, we can change more lives with bicycles," concludes Ryder.

For more information, visit www.qhubeka.org. You can also follow Qhubeka on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.