media update’s Jenna Cook takes a quick look at what it takes to shape your professional reputation.

If you work in public relations, you’ll know that your personal brand is incredibly important. And that what you actually do means more than what you say you will do. This is because it is really easy to make promises, but it takes a concerted effort to take action.

You should want to create a reputation that will precede you. So what is the best way to do this? It’s simple – show your character more than you sell it.

Here are three tips on how to best showcase your PR reputation:

Manage your clients’ expectations – these can build or ruin your reputation

The things you say about yourself and your skills will undoubtedly create expectations in the mind of your clients and potential clients. And yes, pitching is probably how you landed your clients in the first place. However, talking yourself up can also lead to making unrealistic promises to your clients.

Managing the expectations of your clients will make sure that they understand exactly what it is that you plan to deliver. You can do this by showing them what you’re capable of.

“Be open, honest, and realistic. If clients think you are lowballing them on what is achievable, that could impact the trust relationship you have with them,” says Samantha Watt, founder of Ginja Ninja PR.

With a clear idea in your mind, as well as the mind of your client, you can be sure that there will be no disappointment on either side of the exchange when the time comes to deliver.

Make sure you deliver – this is the ultimate display of your abilities

You’ve certainly heard the expression “Put your money where your mouth is”. Clients will trust the promises you make, so be sure to deliver on them from the get-go.

Ensuring on-time delivery will prove that you’re a PR of your word. Nothing will substantiate your reputation more than undeniable proof that you live up to your promises.

This means that the industry will see, without you having to say, that you’re good – possibly even the best – at delivering on your promises to clients.

Writing for HubSpot, Jami Oetting says “If you miss a deadline because you agreed to an unrealistic deadline, then all the trust you’ve built up will quickly be forgotten.”

Be consistent – how else do you establish credibility?

You’re more likely to trust what you experience or witness than what someone tells you – and the same goes for your clients.

If you are able to prove time and time again that your work is of a great standard, it is likely that you will be top-of-mind when it comes to dependability.

“Trust is built on consistency,” says Lincoln Chafee, former United States Senator.

If you commit yourself to always doing your best work, being honest and doing the right thing, you’ll very quickly develop a positive reputation.

If nothing else, here is one simple piece of advice: You are your own greatest asset – show it.

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