'#ThePinkRoom' campaign sees The Blue Room alter its name in its logo, with a pink strike through the ‘Blue’ and the word ‘Pink’ written in pink.

The campaign is running across The Blue Room’s social media platforms and showcases facts and statistics on breast cancer, particularly within the South African context.

Each social media post contains a single fact or statistic and links to the agency’s website, where it has put together resources that offer material covering topics from the warning signs of breast cancer and how to administer a self-examination, to where to turn for breast cancer queries.

Managing director and founder of The Blue Room, Andreana Holmes, says that she and her team are aiming to highlight statistics and staggering facts around breast cancer with the '#ThePinkRoom' campaign and drive home the importance of self-checks.

Holmes adds, "In a world where we constantly have masses of information thrown at us, it’s easy to switch off or become oblivious to what’s important. And so, we hope that by providing bite-size bits of information, we can remind women of just how important those regular checks are – they can save lives."

The Blue Room has also teamed up with organisations like the Cancer Association of South Africa for a number of activations and events this October, highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness Month at some of the shopping centres it represents.

For more information, visit www.theblueroom.co.za. You can also follow The Blue Room on Facebook or on Instagram.