The team at Target Media Directory takes a look at what niche pros can do for your communications strategy.

Before diving into why your business needs niche PRs, it’s important to understand exactly what it means. ‘Niche’, put simply, is the combination of particular skills, interests and even personality that make a niche PR pro suited for a unique and specific industry.

In summary, this is someone who works in a specialised industry and who gains expert insights by networking with the right people.

Here are three reasons why a niche PR is right for your business:

1. They can choose a field that they have a passion for

Most industries need a niche PR to communicate to the media, protect business reputations and implement promotional strategies. This gives them the ability to choose from a wide range of sectors.

It would therefore make sense that they’ll choose something they’re passionate about, meaning that there may be a PR who is dedicated to the specific industry that your business operates in.

Working with someone who already knows about your particular industry – and who has a passion for it – will allow your PR strategy to receive more attention and understanding from an expert.

For example, if your business designs-custom made leisure boats from Japanese oak, and you want the media to become aware of your highly specialised product, you’d want to align your product with someone who works within the maritime industry – and who has the same level of passion for boating that you do – to ensure that your PR strategy excels.

2. A niche PR pro’s industry knowledge is unparalleled

Working in a niche industry means that these pros will quickly be able to get a good grasp of everything that’s going on. And knowing the ins and outs of a particular industry has its perks. New technology emerging? They’re on top of that. New products or services? They can’t wait to try them. A new industry trend? They’ve already predicted it.

Gaining all of this niche industry knowledge and experience can position them as an expert in your particular industry, as they know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

If your business is operating within a niche industry, then it’s likely that these niche pros will have already heard of your business. And they will also already be able to effectively guide your PR strategy in the best way they know how.

3. They has tight-knit relationships with specialist media

A niche pro has more experience in a particular industry than a generalist PR, enabling them to provide the media with expert news and industry insights. This experience allows them to have a better understanding of the industry as well as which media would be interested – and why.

These PRs keep in contact with specialist media, which leads to a greater chance of your press release being published, and your PR strategy being correctly executed, as they will know exactly where and when to send your content.

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