1. We know you are giving your all

Late nights and working overtime are the norm when it comes to PR. And often, clients demand more – even though you may not have more to give!

Working in the publicity sphere is not like a traditional desk job, with the hours varying based on what is happening. Those 2am calls to deal with a crisis are no joke, and your time is never your own in such a fast-paced environment.

Your focus is always on your clients, and this often means putting yourself last. Your day starts – and ends – with a cup of coffee, and you get so used to putting the client first, that half the time you forget to eat lunch.

We understand that you are doing your best – and that you always do.

2. Your advice is appreciated

While client relations can often be tricky – especially when they give you very tight briefs to work with – we know that you know what you’re talking about.

In most cases, clients do not intentionally try to work against their hired professional. However, for various reasons, they can often stand in the way, leading to their campaigns going awry.

Disagreements are to be expected, as when a client approaches you, they usually have their own strategy or end goal in mind. In a blog post, freelance PR specialist Marie Berbick says that you cannot force them to listen.

“As a PR professional, you will have disagreements with clients from time to time. The fact is, you cannot force a client to take your advice. You can point them in the best direction that you know based on your experience as the expert but, at the end of the day, the choice is theirs.”

3. You’re a great storyteller

PR is all about building relationships between people in order to promote and benefit a client’s reputation with the public. In an article for entrepreneur.com, Al Lautenslager says that what the public wants to hear is a good story.

“Good PR is the telling of a good story. The better the story, the better the acceptance by the public and the better the public relations … If the story is especially appealing to those that could be your clients, then you have a PR homerun.”

Storytelling is a key skill in any PR professional’s arsenal, and we just want to say that you are doing a great job. The amount of creativity involved in turning your clients’ brands, businesses or events into a newsworthy story is an art. And we’re very grateful for your artistry!

Imagine clients pitching their brands straight to the media…

4. Your juggling skills are unparalleled

A successful career in public relations requires a huge amount of versatility. You are a client service manager, creative director, account manager, writer, and general miracle worker all in one.

“Serving drinks, icing cakes with the correct logo, doing makeup artistry, clearing the loo so someone more important can use it, comb carrier, dry-cleaning fetcher, hand holder, taxi arranger, PowerPoint whizz, goody bag stuffer – you name it – you’ll have to do it,” says TinCan PR’s Kisha Van Vuuren.

Multi-tasking is also a necessary skill in order to succeed, as you often need to monitor media, review campaigns and write copy all at the same time.

Not too many other professions require the level of multi-tasking that PR does!

5. Thank you!

PR is a vital part of any brand wanting to build relationships with the people who make use of their product. World Wide Learn says that “PR revolves around this universal truth: people act based upon their perception of facts.”

Therefore, if your clients want to achieve certain business objectives, they need the help of a good PR professional. In order to succeed, they cannot afford to ignore the advice given to them by a knowledgeable PR such as yourself, who understands their business and objectives.

So, a heartfelt ‘Thank you!’ to all the PR professionals out there. Thanks for all the long hours spent creating communications strategies, crafting press releases, planning and running events – on top of everything else you do.

Without you, businesses would struggle to manage their reputations, get their message out there and liaise with the media correctly.

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