"Offering PR to our clients was a natural progression for Flume," says Jacques Du Bruyn, Flume’s managing director. "If we follow our mission statement [to do great work, work that matters] to the next logical step, PR just makes sense." 

"It’s not awards or vanity metrics that motivate us; it’s identifying meaningful goals for our clients and achieving them,” adds Du Bruyn. "Sometimes that means creating a highly-granular organic and paid digital media strategy, but at other times, we’re going to need the credibility established publications can lend us – that’s where PR would come in."

"Profiling thought leaders, positioning a brand or announcing a launch over earned media works, we know it does, but there’s more to PR than that," says van der Spuy.

She adds, "It’s also one of the most affordable options to market a business and its brand. It’s hard to deny that the cost of marketing plays as important a role as its effectiveness, especially when budgets need to be stretched thin." 

"Our client service and production team is second to none," she says. “They’re an odd bunch, but they’ve proven their mettle to clients across the industry spectrum. They’re not afraid to do things differently, and now, I get to direct that talent in a new direction for the agency."

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