According to Spur, while participating in an event barely eight months before the World Championships, Hatherly fell off his bike, breaking both wrists.

Morné Strydom, creative director at 99c, says that the story offers an inspiring and evocative reflection on Hatherly's journey from his childhood start in the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League.

"We wanted his story to bring to life how the Spur Schools Mountain Bike League has supported and developed children just like Alan in achieving their goals. And to further reiterate how working courageously together in the face of adversity, anyone has the potential to make the most daunting of goals possible," Strydom adds.

Filmed over three days at various locations within the Western Cape, including Stellenbosch and Grabouw, the commercial includes footage from Spur Schools Mountain Bike League events as well as that of the World Championship.

 "It was crucial for the story to feel authentic, and for us to tell Alan’s tale as unobtrusively as possible. We filmed documentary style, using an assortment of action cameras such as GoPros, Handi-cams and Arri-cameras," says Strydom.

"In this way, we hoped to create a more visceral connection with the audience," Strydom adds.

Sacha du Plessis, group head of marketing at Spur Corporation, says, "Sports play a pivotal role in bringing communities together and giving children early life skills; something that is entrenched in Spur’s DNA."

"We sponsor over 500 events annually in a multitude of sports across the country and are particularly proud of the 70 000 children that have participated in the Spur Schools MTB League over the last 10 years," du Plessis.

Du Plessis concludes, "We chose Alan’s inspiring story as it captures the essence of a very authentic message: 'together anything is possible’. [This is] a message supported by our company since the inception of our brand by Allen Ambor in 1967."

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