"Valentine’s Day has become an extremely commercialised event, with people spending large amounts of money on gifts, chocolates and flowers," says Marcelle du Plessis, Fundraising and Communications Manager.

"That is why this year, we are encouraging people to allow a homeless pet to be their valentine by sponsoring them and showing them some love," du Plessis adds.

According to the Mdzananda Animal Clinic, individuals can head over to Mdzananda’s website or Facebook page to meet their tail wagging bachelors and bachelorettes. A variety of dogs and cats are up for adoption and looking for sponsors to love.

There is a variety of sponsoring options, including:
  • R50 – Get rid of fleas and ticks
  • R100 – Have an animal vaccinated to keep them healthy and strong
  • R200 – Spoil a Valentine with food for two weeks
  • R450 – Give a Valentine meals for a whole month
  • R500 – Spay or neuter a Valentine
Donations made to an individual's chosen Valentine dog or cat will help the clinic to look after them until they are able to find permanent homes.

"The dogs and cats up for adoption have been at our clinic’s shelter facility for weeks or months. Lacey and Orbit, two of our adult cats, have been in our cat ward for five months with no one being interested in adopting them. Storm, a cat that was found in a storm water drain after a community member placed her there to discard of her has been in a foster home for nearly a year and a half," says du Plessis

Members of the public are encouraged to visit Mdzananda this February to meet the dogs and cats, walk them, brush them and give them some extra love this month.

For more information, contact [email protected] or visit www.mdzananda.co.za. You can also follow the Mdzananda Animal Clinic on Facebook.