Small businesses consist of 95% of all companies in sub-Saharan Africa. About 44 million formal SMEs exist in the continent, seven million of which are based in Kenya. Difficulty surfaces when SMEs must operate on limited budgets but their objectives must be met.

In the past, SMEs put limited emphasis on PR because of the associated expenses. Fortunately, most of them are beginning to understand why it is important to place PR at the center of business operations. This realisation is linked to the commitment of entities such as Glass House PR Ltd , which uniquely customised a product known as PR 2.0.

As an independent agency, Glass House PR designs competitive promotional techniques, effective marketing plans and exceptional branding solutions that specifically address the needs of the SMEs.

While PR 2.0 aims at achieving organisational objectives, a strong brand, brand visibility and growth for the target SMEs, priority setting is vital because the needs of the clients must be met within their set budget.

To date, the agency has served known brands from different parts of Africa including South Africa, Rwanda, Ethiopia and Kenya, just to name a few.

It is a new era of public engagement, and PR 2.0 goes the extra mile by identifying and segmenting key audiences to suit the inimitable needs of the SMEs.

With a PR strategy that runs throughout the year, communication with audiences will become manageable for SMEs that require affordability and sustainability.

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