Launched at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit in Johannesburg, with the support of the Automobile Association of South Africa, the '#StopTheCrash' partnership event has a focus on the benefits of Electronic Stability Control, Autonomous Emergency Braking and Anti-lock Braking Systems for motorcycles.

Sikkie Kajee, chairperson of the Automobile Association of South Africa, says, "'#StopTheCrash' demonstrates the important technologies available to avoid crashes. Africa is the least motorised continent in the world but has the highest per capita death rate. We simply have to deal with this crisis; one way [to do that] is to avoid crashes."

"While vehicles in South Africa meet minimum standards, we again highlight the fact that, for us, the minimum is not good enough and more needs to be done to protect road users. We have an obligation to see this happen," Kajee adds.

David Ward, president of Global NCAP and chairperson of the '#StopTheCrash' partnership, says, "Global NCAP and the '#StopTheCrash' partnership strongly encourage the South African government to take a leadership role in the African continent by adopting legislation to require the fitment of '#StoptheCrash' technologies in all new vehicles and motorcycles."

"We would also advise drivers and riders to always consider safety performance when buying a car or motorbike, choosing the safest model available for their budget — especially those fitted with the latest safety systems," Ward adds.

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