COMMTREND aims to celebrate the association’s achievements over the past 10 years and brings its members together in a gathering that aims to deliver relevant insight and real value to the broadcast, AV, technical production and content creation markets.

The conference has been under discussion for months and the result is a comprehensive three-day programme of content tailored specifically to the industry sectors within SACIA.

The interactive platform aims to give guests the opportunity to dig deeper into the issues shaping the future of the communications industry. There will also be face-to-face engagement with experts who will share their knowledge and insight.

COMMTREND additionally aims to provide content to stimulate strategic thinking to negotiate the extreme rate of change within these sectors, examine the influences on the communications industry and assist professionals with planning for future directions.

The previous SACIA conference was run alongside a small conference with around 30 exhibitors. This year, the exhibition component has been removed and the conference expanded to offer multiple streams of content.

The venue has also changed to a space that can accommodate 500+ delegates.

The first day of the conference will be dedicated exclusively to SACIA’s Youth Development programme and pre-conference workshops. The Youth Development programme will feature several presentations focussed on career opportunities for young people.

SACIA is already working with several universities active in the communications sector but the youth content at COMMTREND will focus on SACIA's vision for the future of the youth within the association, exploring how the changing work environment will require new skill sets and instilling a commitment to continuing professional development.

The next two days are aimed at members already active within the industry; starting with a review of the mega-trends shaping the future before drilling down into the five different breakaway streams keeping discussions industry and individual-specific.

Delegates have the choice of attending whichever knowledge track is of interest to them and which will give them the most valuable take-away.

There are also sponsorship packages to allow sponsors to engage and interact with a targeted audience. SACIA has created bespoke packages, across different price-points, all of which will include both pre- and post-conference engagement.

The objective is to secure sponsors with whom SACIA can build a long-term relationship that benefits the association, the members and the sponsors in a 'win-win-win' package.

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