Using events as PR opportunities can help highlight your key reasons for participating in the event and execute your goals without bullying others who attend. 

Here are three things you can do to better your PR strategies at events: 

1. Attend functions with purpose 

When attending an event, be clear about who your targets are. This will help you avoid targeting irrelevant people. Attending events gives you an opportunity to meet people relevant to you or your brand.

Keep your objectives clear. Do not waste time on business or relationships that will result in unrelated diversification. In every interaction, ask yourself: What can I do for this brand or what can this brand do for me?

2. Speak at events

Just about every event offers the opportunity for ‘open-to-the-floor’ questions. Use this opportunity as a chance to share ideas that are related to your brand or organisation without moving away from the agenda of the event. 

Propose ideas by sharing your specific area of skills and experiences. That way, you’ll get to share your brand and your expertise with a large number of people while remaining relevant to the discussion.

3. Networking 

Networking is a vital skill for everyone, not only for marketing managers, PR practitioners or journalists. Conversing with the people at industry events might help you build up your professional contacts — it may even help you land a client! 

When engaging in a conversation, ensure that you do not hijack the conversation — be part of it. Also, don’t forget to smile! When you smile, it gives the impression that you are open and welcoming — and who wouldn’t want that? 

Try to ask open-ended questions as opposed to ones with ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. These kinds of questions are objective and require an explanation and this will help to keep the conversation flowing. 

In every event interaction, it’s important to exchange three important details:
  • Email addresses: Email forms an essential part of the information you will give to others at events. Email creates a fast, reliable form of communication that is easily accessible. 
media update top tip: Adding a link to your web page in your email signature can be one of the most effective ways of marketing your brand or business.
  • Website address: Nowadays, people want to see how your brand looks virtually — giving them your website address will do just that. When people visit your website, it will improve your brand credibility, boost your reputation and woo potential clients. 
  • Business card: Always arm yourself with some business cards to hand out at every event you attend. A business card helps you to make a favorable and professional first impression. A conspicuous business card with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your target and help you remain in their memory well after the event. Additionally, business cards enhance professionalism and legitimacy to yourself or your brand. 
By applying these tips, you can increase your network base, help stature your brand's reputation and score potential clients.