The second workshop, themed '#WhoAmI', aimed to help girl learners discover more about themselves, such as their strengths and future aspirations they wished to explore.

Corporate partners across the country spent the day explaining the roles of the different departments within their organisations, and educating the girls about the types of careers available.

The learners present were able to explore the Cell Cgirl website, which was designed to provide them with information and guidance regarding the career choices available to them.

2019 marks the 17th year in which the 'TAGCTW' programme has brought together girl learners and Corporate South Africa. The programme aims to increase the representation of women in the formal economy — specifically in the technology sector.

"Technological and social advancements will have a significant impact on career paths. Future jobs may bear little resemblance to those that exist now, and as such, there's an urgent need to prepare our girl learners," says Juliet Mhango, Cell C's chief human capital development and transformation officer.

Mhango adds, "As a proudly South African company, Cell C is committed to working with our corporate partners and peers in nurturing young girls' academic passions and interests, and help future-proof their careers in this digital age."

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