"Breast cancer is shrouded in misconceptions and myths, which ultimately have resulted in stigma around the disease. This stigmatisation has stopped women from getting the medical help they need," says Riamari Schoombee, divisional executive of Jet marketing. 

Jet’s core target market is women aged between 24 and 55, from lower-income households that don’t always have access to information regarding breast cancer. The campaign content aims to give women access to clear and easy-to-understand information that could help to save their lives.

Jet says it has also ensured that the educational content resonates with its target market by providing translations into various languages. "We need to start talking about breast cancer on a national level and we need to start dispelling the myths about it so that women can have open, honest and more positive conversations about their breasts, the disease and life after detection and diagnosis,” Schoombee adds.

Jet partnered with professor Carol Benn and the Breast Health Foundation — a not-for-profit organisation that operates clinics and mobile education units around the country — with the intent to provide the most accurate medical statistics and information.

"One of the most challenging aspects of this campaign was realising just how much stigma surrounds breast cancer and how much work needs to be done through clear communication to make sure women can take care of their bodies," says Megan Perks, executive creative director of Joe Public Connect.

"[Examples of things that women need to know are] to 'know your normal' and [to] check your breasts every month [and] seven days after your period. It's inspiring to see Jet helping to destigmatise the disease so that we can start to talk openly about breasts and encourage women not to be scared, but to feel hopeful. Knowledge is power," Perks adds.
The campaign 'comes to life' through in-store collateral, print, radio, digital and social media efforts. All media leads to Breast Health Foundation's 24-hour toll-free helpline. The campaign started in August (Women's Month) and will run until the end of October (Breast Cancer Awareness Month).

Jet says that its aim is not only to provide medical information, but rather to use their platforms to empower others through access to educational information. Readers are encouraged to read more about breast cancer on www.clearthestigma.co.za.

For more information, visit www.jetonline.co.za. You can also follow Jet on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.

*Image courtesy of Jet