"During our years in operation, we have had the pleasure and privilege to work with four exceptional senior consultants, namely Claudia Ferguson, Candice Luis, Nicole Allman and Caitlin Hawken," says Lara Magnus, co-founder of Orange Ink. 

"These four professionals have nurtured and built their PR careers under our guidance and through their dedication to our brand, have played a pivotal role in building the value and reputation of Orange Ink across various sectors, throughout a number of African regions,” Magnus adds.  

"We wanted to recognise their individual contributions but also support their diverse growth paths. We are extremely proud to announce that our management team will now walk alongside us, as co-owners and shareholders, in two distinct agencies," adds Magnus.

Claudia and Candice will manage the strategic direction of Orange Ink. Having already played an active role in managing the day-to-day running of the agency for the past 18 months, they will aim to continue expanding the business imperatives and creative in-house capabilities to deliver a full-service brand, communications and digital agency offering to the market.

Nicole and Caitlin have been given shareholding in a new business entity, INK&Co. (Pty) Ltd. They will undertake the day-to-day running of the agency, working with their current client base. 

"We are so proud and excited about this announcement; it represents the core of who we are," says Meggan Liebenberg, co-founder of Orange Ink. "We believe that these two agencies will not only allow us to support a broader market, but more importantly, enable us to remain true to our entrepreneurial spirit and give our team the opportunity to grow their own agencies and their own vision — with our full strategic and operational support and backing."

"We would like to thank our clients. [They] have provided overwhelming support for both leadership teams, which has only positively reinforced our decision in this regard. While these two agencies will be managed as two separate entities entirely, each with distinct focus areas, they will still collaborate — to the benefit of our clients and the market,” concludes Liebenberg.

For more information, visit www.orangeink.co.za

*Image courtesy of Orange Ink