A new category called the SAB Environmental Community Award was announced in 2018 during the 30th anniversary of the SAB Environmental Awards. The award strives to recognise community-based environmental projects.

Entries for the awards are required to highlight the project's successes, providing examples of best practice in order to be eligible. "A winning entry would include the quality of the initiative, the number of people reached and / or involved," says Zoleka Lisa, SAB VP corporate affairs and sustainability South Africa. 

"We are also looking for evidence of changed behaviour, measurable outcomes and addressing issues relating to the specific community affected," Lisa adds. The prize is valued at R15 000.

Entrants may be nominated or self-nominated, in a 500-word motivation. The recipient will be decided on by the SAB Environmental Media judging panel. The Nick Steele Memorial Award for Environmentalist of the Year will also presented to the individual who the judges believe has made an 'extraordinary effort' to look after the local environment.

SAB has committed to several sustainability goals to be achieved by 2025 in the areas of water stewardship, smart agriculture, climate action, circular packaging and entrepreneurship.

"We believe it is common sense to seek a world that is cleaner and more environmentally friendly to create an atmosphere and economy that are conducive to doing business," says Lisa. "We are striving for a better world and are proud to recognise others who are doing the same." 

The categories for the SAB Environmental Media Awards and Environmentalist Awards 2019 include:
  • Written Media Award (Print and Online)
  • Photography Award (Print and Online)
  • Video Media Award (Television and Online)
  • Audio Media Award (Radio and Online)
  • The Macqubu Ntombela and Ian Player Cub Awards for environmental journalists with less than two years' experience in the industry (Print, Photography, Video and Audio Media categories)
  • Nick Steele Memorial Award for the Environmentalist of the Year.
All category winners will receive a cash prize of R15 000. The four winners of the Macqubu Ntombela and Ian Player Cub Awards will receive R7 000 prize money. The Nick Steele Memorial Award winner will receive R15 000.

Media entry requirements and details include:
  • Entries close on Friday, 13 September at 17:00.
  • Entrants are to submit work published between Saturday, 1 September 2018 and Saturday, 31 August 2019.
  • For information and submissions, applicants can follow the link here
  • Entrants are required to register to either enter the SAB Environmental Media Awards or nominate someone for the SAB Environmentalist of the Year and the SAB Environmental Community Award 2019.
Entrants for the SAB Environmental Media Awards and Environmentalist of the Year must submit via the online portal. Winners of the awards will be announced at the awards ceremony on Tuesday, 29 October.

For more information, visit www.sabenviromedia.co.za.