"We host this annual Christmas lunch where we serve a seated meal to our homeless guests," says Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto. "This one is really special. Along with a meal of roast chicken, veggies and potatoes we will also serve juice and a dessert. Every guest also receives a gift and will enjoy service from our volunteers, accompanied by live music."

Volunteers will arrive at 07:30 on the day. Diliberto says that every pair of hands will help. "Join us as a volunteer at this very special Christmas event and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere," he says. "It's a day full of love, laughter and dancing and a great opportunity to meet and connect with some of the homeless community."

"We refer to our work as Seva, which is when you give of yourself wanting nothing in return. Seva is a beautiful Sanskrit word that refers to the art of selfless service," adds Diliberto.

Those wanting to get involved and help on the day are encouraged to go online and book their slot on Quicket.

Diliberto says that there are other ways the public can get involved on an ongoing basis — either by donating, sponsoring a school feeding scheme or becoming a partner. Donations go towards Ladles of Love, which provides over 12 000 healthy meals to the homeless a month, as well as other projects like providing food to struggling schools, students and communities.

To donate, individuals can visit this link

For more information, visit www.ladlesoflove.org.za. You can also follow Ladles of Love on Facebook, Twitter or on Instagram.