Clover Mama Afrika spoiled their 'Mamas' as the brand feels that it "takes someone special to put their heart and passion into the people around them, constantly bettering themselves and those around them".

Clover Mama Afrika, Clover's corporate sustainability initiative, aims to empower women in communities across the nation with various skills including:
  • cooking
  • baking
  • sewing
  • quilting
  • business management, and
  • food gardening.
Alongside the training sessions, the Mamas are all supplied with the tools, equipment and infrastructure to create an income for themselves in order for them to give back to their communities.

The team approached Fluidity Clothing and the excitement was, according to the team, "obvious" when Kate and Romy from Fluidity Clothing sent over 50 different fabric patterns to choose from. 

This allowed the Mamas to select the best fabric for each individual Mama, keeping in mind their favourite colours and style. The maxi dresses are made of chiffon that is lined and can be worn in a variety of ways.

"Designing the dresses for the Mamas has truly been so heart-warming," says Romy Jankelowibz, head of marketing and co-owner of Fluidity Clothing. "We are absolutely honoured to have been part of making these exceptional, strong women feel beautiful on their special night at such a powerful event."

"We are thankful to Clover Mama Afrika for allowing us to be part of this beautiful initiative," says Kate Komape, head seamstress and co-owner of Fluidity. 

The annual awards evening was held in Durban, and the award winners included:

Performer extraordinaire — Mama Mirriam Makamu
Mama Mirriam Makamu is from Tembisa in Gauteng. The awards recognised:
  • her dedication and passion in meeting all of Clover Mama Afrika's objectives
  • her continuous innovation in improving her bakery
  • her solid infra-structure that is in place
  • her improvement of the income by 44%, and
  • the usage of her own profits to re-invest in the bakery.
Top achiever of the Year — Mama Selestien Moses
The Top Achiever of the Year was awarded to Mama Selestien Moses from Ashbury in the Western Cape. The award recognised her positive attitude and eagerness to meet the communities' needs and her providing the necessary services at all times. She was also recognised for increasing a collective income by 55%.

Best business of the Year — Mama Sipiwe Solomons
Mama Sipiwe Solomons lives in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. She received the Best Business of the Year Award for her dedication and passion in meeting all of Clover Mama Afrika's objectives. Solomons was recognised for her dedication in taking her guest house and catering projects to "new heights" and also for implementing and maintaining a solid infra-structure.

Most improved — Mama Daphne Oliphant
Mama Daphne Oliphant is from Roodewal in the Western Cape. She was recognised for having identified the best Clover Mama Afrika self-help projects and because she had applied dedicated focus to take them to new heights. She was able to increase the collective income by 167%.

Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award — Mama Felicity Maluleke
Soweto's Mama Felicity Maluleke was awarded the Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award for implementing a solid infra-structure within the centre to ensure a healthy and safe environment for all members in her care, as well as in the community. She had "constantly empowered others to understand the importance of a clean and healthy environment".

Ultimate Cleanliness and Hygiene Award
The following Mamas were recognised for their work and awarded the Top Cleanliness and Hygiene Award for providing a clean and healthy environment to members of their communities:
  • Mama Dorah Semenya,
  • Mama Glenrose Mashiqa,
  • Mama Nondumiso Mpitimpiti,
  • Mama Alinah Marumo and
  • Mama Phumelele Mtshali
Special Recognition Award — Mama Rina Malan
Mama Rina Malan, who is based in Pretoria, received the Special Recognition Award for using all of her resources to market her products countrywide and making a success out of it. She collectively increased her income by 44% and was also "continuously innovative in improving her projects".

"As always, these Mamas never fail to make me proud and it warms my heart to see them working so hard to be the change that is needed in each of their communities. Each and every one of these Mamas deserve the recognition they have received," concludes Elain Vlok, corporate services manager at Clover.

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*Image courtesy of Clover Mama Afrika