Social media platforms have become part of our lives — and part of our businesses too. It has impacted just about every industry, and PR is no exception.

And while every good PR professional knows that social media needs to be part of every communications strategy, what they don’t know is that social media offers much more than simple existence in cyberspace.

Used correctly, social media can not only bolster your PR strategy, but it can also become a part of it. More PR pros should start embracing the opportunities that social offers — especially if they want to see more success.

Check out our infographic to see these five ways social media can be used as a PR tool:

What other ways do you think social media can be used for building — and bettering — PR strategies? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Thanks to the world of social, PR will never be the same again. Check out these Five ways social media has changed the PR industry.