According to KFC, with the nation-wide lockdown in full effect, food insecurity in South Africa has increased. People who used to be able to fend for themselves are now unable to.

KFC has indicated that community-driven initiatives are among the fastest-growing mechanisms for channelling development assistance and changing futures; this is especially true in the current market, where feeding schemes and NPOs have a much bigger role to play in formulating a broader social impact for truly delivering hope.

It has also committed an additional R3-million to food relief over this time to ensure that it is able to reach even more communities.

"To date, due to continued efforts by our beneficiary organisations on the ground, we have been able to steadily increase the reach and scale of the Add Hope relief feeding efforts with over 1.43 million meals distributed and 23 380 emergency food parcels delivered to over nine provinces," says the team at KFC Add Hope.

"[We are] reaching almost 117 000 people with 397 tonnes of food, and more is coming," adds the team. "In the Eastern Cape, we have 19 existing beneficiaries that have been part of Add Hope's long-term feeding efforts."

"These beneficiaries feed approximately 2 000 families and children every month; that's 24 000 people every year. They continue to receive support over this time and for those schools that are not open and able to feed as normal, that funding has gone directly into relief feeding for hunger-stricken families in the area," says the team.

"In addition to this, over the last five weeks of lockdown, an additional 3 350 food parcels have been delivered to this region, as part of our broader emergency relief efforts," the team adds.

One such beneficiary in the region is Greensleeves Children's Trust, which is a home for South Africa's abandoned and orphaned children. It currently houses 40 children and receive no government funding or assistance.

"Greensleeves had to survive with no staff over lockdown," said 'Aunty Di', founder of Greensleeves. "The teenagers have become teachers, cooks, cleaners and mommies."

"What a blessing it was to receive a 100 food parcels from KFC Add Hope. We have been able to feed all our house moms over this time and have a full pantry; this is certainly a huge blessing and a massive relief for us over this uncertain and desperate time," concludes Aunty Di.

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