O'Donnell's two-year tenure will be focussed on increasing co-operation and collaboration across Europe as the world's largest advertising market responds to the twin challenges of Coronavirus and Brexit.

According to EACA, agencies and national trade bodies need to work together to maintain market access for services, support employment for people and create tangible value for clients.

It has indicated that it will be taking the broadest possible definition of the 'European market', including opportunities in Eastern Europe, Turkey and the continued close engagement with the United Kingdom, irrespective of the final terms of Britain's formal departure from the EU.

Dominic Grainger, previous president of the EACA, says, "It has been an honour and a pleasure to work with such a strong, diverse team of communications leaders from across Europe over the last four years."

"The impact of the pandemic over the last few months has shown some of the value that communications agencies with their clients and media partners can bring to their communities, and I am sure that Paul, Tamara and the team can build on this to ensure EACA plays an even more valuable role in the future," adds Grainger.

"I could not be more delighted that Paul accepted to take on the presidency role," says Tamara Daltroff, EACA director general. "In this difficult period, Paul is the perfect senior agency leader to guide EACA and the industry with his experience and knowledge."

"The agency world has been through fundamental changes over the last decade and continues to evolve in these very dynamic times. On behalf of all EACA members, I also want to thank Dominic for his leadership and outstanding involvement during his tenure. He has played a key role for EACA over the last four years," adds Daltroff.

"It is with great pleasure to take on my new responsibilities as president of the EACA and to continue the great work done by Dominic. Although we are in extremely challenging times, I am confident that with the support and strength of the committee we will be able to achieve many things," says O'Donnell.

Paul has been with Ogilvy for over 30 years. He has worked in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Latin America, running geographic operations and working with major international and local clients.

In May 2014, Paul was appointed chief executive at Ogilvy EMEA. He is a member of the agency's International Executive Management Group and an executive partner of the Ogilvy Group Worldwide.

For more information, visit www.eaca.eu. You can also follow the EACA on Facebook or on Twitter.