As part of their 'Peacetrain initiative', which takes its name from Peace Train by Yusuf / Cat Stevens, the next stage of the partnership will see the Yusuf Islam Foundation fund a project aimed at supporting vulnerable communities. The funding will ensure that Penny Appeal can implement and provide a range of sustainable interventions for the transformation within the communities.

"South Africa is faced with three major threats, namely: poverty, unemployment and inequality," says CEO of Penny Appeal South Africa Shahnaaz Paruk.

"The Yusuf Islam Foundation has shown its long-term commitment to the people of South Africa and in an extremely critical time in our country, this on-going support will allow us to continue advocating for families struggling with:
  • adequate access to food
  • healthcare
  • screening
  • awareness sessions, and
  • sustainable solutions to food insecurity," adds Paruk.
"All interventions are aimed at addressing immediate and long-term hunger relief and transformation of communities," Paruk says.

Penny Appeal South Africa, which is a registered non-profit relief and development organisation, says that it has identified 10 communities across the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal provinces that are in dire need of nutrition support.

The organisation says that the funding will 'aid in their fight in ending hunger, achieving food security and promoting sustainable agriculture', while including elements of promoting healthy lifestyles.

Details of the 'Peacetrain' project include Peacetrain mobile vehicles visiting selected communities monthly. The partners say that families will not only receive food packs, but every visit will include regular health awareness sessions focused across a variety of topics, ranging from early cancer screening to HIV / AIDS awareness sessions.

Additional services will provide families with resources and knowledge and empower them to practice healthier lifestyle practices. The duo also says that families will additionally be encouraged to sell surplus produce and help generate income through on-going education and training sessions on establishing and sustaining food gardens.

"Distribution days to the communities will also serve as awareness days that will benefit families including activities such as breast cancer screenings, HIV / Aids voluntary testing, financial awareness and career guidance," Paruk says.

"Penny Appeal South Africa will be working with community leaders to identify families and safe distribution points in each community," concludes Paruk.

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