According to KD, there have been several closures of schools around the world, including South Africa. Unfortunately, this has also exposed a challenge and disparities between public and private schools.

KD says that disadvantaged learners have had to bear the brunt for not being able to access online lessons, compared to their peers who attend private schools. The organisation says that only adds to already difficult circumstances due to poverty, health issues, inequality and unemployment. 

KD says that the lack of access to digital platforms, as well as the scarcity of data and related resources, will further erode the hopes and aspirations of many learners from disadvantaged communities.

"We want to give learners from disadvantaged backgrounds an equal opportunity to pass at the end of 2020. Access to education is a basic right; hence, we are removing gaps and barriers to ensure that these learners are cared for and accommodated to enhance their chance of moving ahead to build a better tomorrow," says Obakeng Montsho, founder and president of KD.

KD team members also provide a platform for learners to receive mentorship and career guidance. This is offered through Online Career Days, wherein a professional gets invited to speak about their chosen career path and to motivate the learners.

Kasi Dreamers currently has more than 160 registered learners across all the nine provinces. The learners are in grade 8 to 12 and are either enrolled for pure mathematics, physical science or accounting.

Some of the learners who have registered are not able to be consistent with the attendance of the sessions, due to lack of funds to purchase data. To mitigate the challenge, the sessions are recorded and posted on the KD WhatsApp group to be accessed later when they have data.

To this end, Kasi Dreamers says that it has received donations of data, but it is not enough to sustain and provide access to all the learners. Each session requires 150 megabytes per learner. Kasi Dreamers has called on all South Africans to lend a helping hand to ensure that the disadvantaged learners are able to access online learning. 

For more information or to donate, contact [email protected] or 078 336 3097.