Public relations may be a relationship-based field, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for apps that may make your work more efficient. 

Whether you're writing a press release, following up with a journalist or putting together a press pitch, PR professionals have a lot on their plate. 

By utilising the correct digital PR tools, you are not only able to work more efficiently, but you are able to optimise your job performance. 

In an effort to make your job a bit easier, here are five of the best digital PR tools:

1. Apple or Google News

PR professionals always have their finger on the pulse of the latest news. Enter Apple or Google News

This may seem like an obvious choice, but the importance of a reliable news app should never be overlooked. 

These news apps will help PR pros stay on top of the latest news in their industry and that of their clients.

This is important in PR because PR professionals always need to be on the lookout for any trending topics that they could integrate into their next pitch and be aware of any breaking news that they may need to be sensitive with in any brand messaging. 

Apple and Google News also have the option to customise your feed tailoring it to your specific interests.

2. Upitch

Upitch is one of the best tools for PR professionals. This app is particularly useful for getting your pitches out there. 

This app is similar to the app HARO, where PRs tailor their content to what journalists want to see, but with Upitch the publishers come to you.

The app works by allowing the user to post a pitch onto a network where journalists and news outlets can approach them if they are interested, rather than the PR having to pursue them. 

This is useful for tapping into a whole new network of clients and lessening the stress that PR’s can experience when pitching content to journalists that have no interest in your business or client. 

3. Mailtrack

Mailtrack is another must-have for those working in PR. This app is pretty straightforward but incredibly useful — and free.

Mailtrack will help PR pros keep track of when someone has opened their email or has clicked on a link in your email. 

PR teams send out a great deal of content via email, making it a tiresome job to sieve through so an app like Mailtrack will save them time.  

It is also useful to use a mail tracking app in PR because it will allow you to keep track of who has viewed any of the press content that they have sent out. This insight will give PR teams an idea of who is interested in their content and who isn't. 

4. Grammarly

Writing a good press release is a skill, and it is one that requires a lot of fine-tuning and editing to get to the desired outcome. This is where an editing app like Grammarly comes in. 

Grammarly is an editing tool that offers suggestions for spelling and grammar. The app allows the user to keep track of any changes made to their content and accept or deny changes on their documents. Also, the app is free and integrates well with other apps. 

This is an essential app for PR professionals as nothing is more unprofessional than spelling or grammatical errors in a press release.  

5. BuzzSumo

Lastly, BuzzSumo is a unique and valuable resource for PR and content marketing teams.

This app allows PR teams to identify the type of content that is receiving the most traction, engagement and backlinks pertaining to a specific topic

It  is useful because it helps you to keep track of how your content or campaign is performing.

The insight BuzzSumo offers is also beneficial during the planning stages of a campaign as it offers guidance into what topics are trending at that time.

As a PR pro, what are some of your favorite work-related apps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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