Some of our staff continue to work from home, while others alternate coming into the office. As a result, our turnaround time may not be as prompt as usual but this will soon be a thing of the past once we are fully operational.

We have prioritised our opening by attending to two main operational areas: membership and training. Membership process is complex and we have started establishing contacts, going through applications, printing, scanning and emailing acceptance letters and certificates.

The full membership pack, including the embossed membership card, will be sent via courier when the time is right and safe to do so.

To all the members who have either registered or have already started with our Continuous Professional Development or Professional Development Programme, kindly note that we are awaiting the right time when it is safe to resume training.

You will be delighted to know that we have, so far, explored the requirements for such eventuality when we obtain permission to resume training.

We have also looked at online training for the future and consulting on how this will work in alignment with most organisations' procurement policies and processes. The online process is a full-on turnkey, from registration providing all the required information including payment, which may prove to be a challenge for most organisations.

For now, online training will be considered only on request until further notice.

As the country prepares for a further easing of the lockdown, we are also gradually engaging all our strategic stakeholders. We would not like to reopen our offices abruptly and too quickly; by so doing we may risk a rapid and unmanageable surge in infections.

We would like to follow the due process, continue cautiously, informed by the powers that be based on the best available evidence that it is 'all systems go'.

PRISA would not like to find itself faced with mounting criticism that the lockdown have no bearing on the fight against the virus and causing undue harm to the country and economy. The government will announce changes to the regulations and we shall cooperate.

PRISA apologises for the inconvenience that COVID-19 coronavirus may have caused in derailing members' professional development and depriving them contact networking events.

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