The company has indicated that it will invest the DGGF funding in expanding the local organisation and infrastructure in Africa so that more African developers get the opportunity to become part of Tunga's talent programme.

Tunga says that it is striving to source new talent in Egypt, Nigeria and Uganda. A proactive community outreach, automated testing and online and offline training are used to expand and increase the quality of the current talent pool.

According to the company, this requires additional expenditures in Africa: a total net investment of €218.500 — €120K of which is provided by DGGF and the rest by Tunga itself.

"A bigger network of high-quality software developers opens the door for growth within Europe, firstly focussed on the United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Good English proficiency, a positive attitude towards fair trade practices and relatively close cultural relations to the Netherlands, as well as having an overall solid economy, are the main reasons for starting sales operations in these four countries," says Tunga.

Ernesto Spruyt, founder of Tunga, says, "Without ever receiving any equity investments and running on a very limited budget, we've managed to realise triple-digit growth each year since our inception. To keep up this growth rate, we need to make further investments in our talent pool of African developers." 

"In 2020 and 2021, we will identify, train and test new talents in order to increase the number of our software developers to 1000+. This means we have to hire at least three more talent managers as an addition to the three we have on the ground now," adds Spruyt. 

"By the end of 2021, a large and freshly trained group of developers will be ready to get to work. That is why we are also launching our European growth plan. This month, we've started sales operations in the United Kingdom and the Nordics and the first results are promising. Needless to say, we are nothing but positive about the future," he concludes.

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