Creating a fuss about your clients’ brands is a great way to ensure that consumers don’t forget about them. More so than ever before, competition is rife and brands are competing online for limited consumer attention and even more limited consumer money.

As a PR professional, it is vital to ensure that your clients’ brands stay relevant and in the spotlight. media update’s Talisa Jansen van Rensburg takes a look at the ways that PR pros can get people talking about their clients. 

Here are three ways to create excitement around your clients’ brands:

1. Create strong online content

Consumers want to be able to easily find a brand’s products or services online, and a great way to allow this is to make use of strong SEO keywords and high-quality content.

Consumers will be more likely to spread the word about a brand with their friends and family if they find the contents on the page interesting or useful, so make sure that you have a strategy that ensures your content is engaging. Also, ensure that everything on your website is easy to read and that your page loads quickly, or else risk potential customers clicking away.

Countless people are working from home and spending a lot more time than usual on the Internet, which opens up some great opportunities to team up with fellow content creators. Collaborate with some fresh talent and make sure that your client’s brand is portrayed in a way that is both strong and unique.

2. Tell the brand’s story

Most brands have their bio on their website about who they are and why they started the company — and that’s about it. The thing is, consumers want to know more about a brand and its history. Why? Because that influences their decision to support them or not!

Consumers aren’t just interested in just facts about the brand, they want to know more about the story and the humans behind it. That’s why it might be time to take a different approach!

Why not share a behind-the-scenes look at your client’s organisation and show that they are hard at work? This is a perfect opportunity for you to tell your client’s story in a new light.

2020 has undoubtedly changed the game for businesses across the globe, so there is bound to be a ‘new’ chapter in the brand’s story that is definitely worth telling! For example, a brand could share what they have learned since the pandemic and how it has allowed them to better their brand.

Be sure to portray the brand in a unique light and get a press release out about its story to all the relevant channels. People might feel inspired or motivated and start talking about your client, especially if the story is positive, breaking away from the negative news people encounter on a daily basis.

3. Get involved in webinars

Get your client’s brand involved in webinars, where members of the organisation can discuss the industry that they are in, how it has been affected by the pandemic and what they have done to stay afloat. This type of content can be inspiring to those who are struggling within similar industries. 

As the PR professional, you can also host the webinar and ask important questions to your client to ensure the webinar stays on topic. You can also encourage your client to have a giveaway with small prizes to give people a little something extra to talk about.

What other ways do you think PR professionals can create a buzz around their client’s brand? Be sure to let us know in the comment section. 

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