The Western Cape has seen more than 60 000 cases reported across all its sub-districts. Because of this, the government says that it realised the need to utilise an advertising medium that would ensure an effective reach to every community throughout the city Of Cape Town, West Coast and Overberg regions.

To assist authorities, New Wave Outdoor Media has been tasked with communication printing, as well as flighting over 9 500 posters with messaging on safety protocols.

The duo says it was determined that street pole posters would provide the best means to achieve this goal and reach the objective. They have put the sanctioned posters on all street poles that are legally allowed to be utilised in this manner.

This messaging includes information on the following:
  • the importance of washing your hands
  • the importance of keeping a safe distance from other people when out in public areas
  • encouraging individuals to isolate themselves if they feel unwell, and
  • encouraging individuals to not socialise / visit family and friends, especially ones that are most vulnerable such as grandparents.
New Wave Outdoor Media says that it is an honour to be able to contribute and provide this particular poster solution. The COVID-19 poster awareness campaign will run until Monday, 31 August.

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