"Even though we can't be together this year, we can all still take part in making the lives of some township pets better this winter. A common cause will bring all animal lovers together even when we are far apart," says Marcelle du Plessis, fundraising and communications manager.

The animal clinic team has indicated that it will send individuals an instruction manual of how to build a kennel.

Participants will need:
  • wood or wooden pallets
  • a hammer
  • measuring tape
  • pencil, and
  • paint and paintbrushes should they wish to make the kennel pretty.
The clinic says that 2020's event is free. The clinic usually charges R100 per person; however, since builders will be providing all the materials themselves, there is no charge.

The clinic has encouraged people to make a donation as the event usually raises around R8 000 for the organisation each year.

"We've had severe knocks since lockdown started. In lockdown Levels 5 and 4 we were losing around R200 000 every three weeks. We had an armed robbery and since lockdown Level 2, we've had an influx of abandoned animals needing new homes," says du Plessis.

"All this has taken a financial toll, so any donations are welcome," concludes du Plessis.

To take part, individuals are encouraged to contact [email protected] to get a kennel building manual.

For more information, visit www.mdzananda.co.za