According to the Nahanaha Foundation, the initiative has ensured that almost 4 000 children will have food on the table for the next two months.

"This has given the 150 000 community members of Ga-Dikgale peace of mind and allows them to focus on the immense challenges that they are facing as a rural and underprivileged community," says Nahana.

Nashua Children's Charity Foundation, the primary sponsor, as well as others aimed to 'make a difference' in honour of Mandela Day 2020.

Entities involved in the intitiative include: 
  • Feed SA for 500 food and toiletry hampers, toilet paper and sanitisers
  • Afrika Tikkun
  • Avi Lefkowitz
  • Y-Mad for contributing funds towards the purchase of 1300 food parcels
  • Kerri Marks and Oshee for 4200 bottles of vitamin water
  • Shout4Masks and Hikvision for surgical masks
  • Johannesburg Mini Council for Easter eggs
  • Twincare staff for toys and clothes
  • Telesure Investment Holdings for 30 000 cloth masks (5 000 as part of Saturday's drive and 25 000 that will go to all the schools in the area in August), and
  • Makro Woodmead for packing the Y-Mad hampers and helping to load the huge delivery truck, free of charge.
Aluwani, formerly The Lonely Road Foundation, was founded by group managing director of FCB and Hellocomputer Joburg Group Thabang Skwambane in 2007. The centre now sees 4 000 children cared for by 168 caregivers at 20 drop-in centres and early childhood development centres.

"The generosity shown by the contributors to 20202's Aluwani Mandela Day Care Drive was overwhelming," says Skwambane. "So many people just jumped in and gave everything to make it happen."

"We are excited to keep doing this work because of the kind of solidarity and active citizenry that so many people have shown during this difficult time," adds Skwambane.

"It was such a moment for our children to know they'd be fed for at least the next two more months now. I can't thank Nashua Children's Charity Foundation enough for making this happen and rallying all the other sponsors," says Skwambane.

"Thanks, too, to Telesure Investment Holdings, which responded with an incredible donation of 30 000 masks to Aluwani's request, helping us to ensure everyone in the community can protect themselves during this pandemic," Skwambane says. 

"They, as are all the sponsors who made Aluwani Mandela Day Care Drive so successful, are true South African heroes," concludes Skwambane.

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