The objective was to reinforce 'what does the brand stand for', as the world realised that the only thing saving them from the pandemic is their home, says the duo.

Via veritable and well-thought leveraging of all social media platforms, along with the creation of several video commercials, Zero Gravity Communications was instrumental in creating a robust digital presence for Goyal & Co. as a brand, says the duo.

Founded in 1971, Goyal & Co. has a presence in Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Mumbai. Its portfolio of 200 offerings include:
  • apartments
  • villas
  • plotted development projects
  • corporate offices, and
  • commercial retail spaces to townships that exemplify innovation.
During the lockdown, digital platforms opened the access door to the world behind the locked doors with undivided attention, says the duo. The campaign 'Building Extraordinary Lives' focused on communicating how the brand makes the process of selection to purchase of real estate simple, easy and transparent by paying attention to even the smallest details.

According to the duo, trust is a paramount factor when choosing whom to invest with for home or office. That trust comes with years of consistent delivery and keeping the promise. 

"Goyal & Co. needed a reliable marketing communication partner to reinforce the legacy and weave a seamless brand narrative with a strong recall across virtual platforms," says Shivangi Shukla, senior manager of marketing at Goyal & Co.

"Zero Gravity Communications filled in the void by facilitating consumers' engagement with our generations of goodwill. Zero Gravity Communications has an amazing bunch of creative and persevering talent that supported us at every step of our brand journey. We are thankful to them for their untiring efforts," adds Shukla.

In the first leg of the strategy, Zero Gravity Communications identified the key areas of focus for Goyal and Co., including the milestones and the untapped aspects of its journey.

This was followed by weaving a brand narrative through storytelling across digital media. Regular and conceptual social media posts across multiple platforms, user-generated content, original video testimonials in a series and an experience via original filters were integral components of this strategy.

"Goyal & Co. is among the leading real estate players in Ahmedabad. The legacy that brand carries is invaluable. Zero Gravity Communications mandate revolved around creating direct and effective messaging. We focused on creating an on-point communication strategy, execution across digital platforms, course correction and ROI assessment," says Khushboo Sharma, founder and CEO of Zero Gravity Communications.

"The key focus of the campaign was to involve consumers at every step of the brand journey to enable them to repose faith in the brand," concludes Sharma.

The commercials also aimed to highlight the 'vernacular’ identity of the audience in Gujarat and, particularly, Ahmedabad. Each avenue explored, expanded the brand's virtual presence and in turn, 'created memorable communication assets'.

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