According to the foundation, global studies show that young people are capable of contributing to the economy by working, starting businesses and leading organisations, yet far too many do not have access to the opportunities they need to reach their full potential. 

According to the United Nations World Youth Report, over 71 million young people are unemployed and many more millions are in precarious or informal work. The statistics also show that 156 million young people in low-and-middle-income countries are living in poverty even though they are employed. 
In order to support and grow communities and uplift underprivileged youth in Africa, 'The Beast' launched the The Beast Foundation. 

The Beast says that his heart has always been to help young people reach their dreams and maximise their potential. In starting The Beast Foundation, he aims to inspire, unite and build communities by empowering young people through sport, education and life skills development.  

"Sport transformed my life, helped me achieve things I could never have imagined possible and aided me in the development of important life skills," says The Beast. "I want to continue my legacy and give young people the same opportunities to thrive on the field and beyond." 

Through an annual bootcamp, The Beast Foundation strives to give talented young people the opportunity to top coaching and skills development. The integrated learning camp not only improves their technical skills but offers life skills, improves leadership, attitudes and behaviours in a safe and structured way.  

"We give young people the chance to forge their futures and access to an expanded network. This not only allows them to grow but take learnings back to their communities, become champions on the field and in other areas of life," adds The Beast.  

Through various partnerships, The Beast Foundation Annual Bootcamp is an all-expenses paid programme that includes training from top global athletes, playing kits and learning material. The programme also offers candidates opportunities to travel and get scouted on a national and international level.  

ASICS South Africa, Sports and Marketing Specialist Stefano Maiorana says that its brand and team is looking forward to partnering with Beast on this amazing initiative.  

"We're proud to be associated with The Beast Foundation and make a contribution to the great work that will be done to empower the next generation and make a difference in our communities," says Maiorana.  

"Our main aim is to empower young people and create a society where the youth is equipped to succeed, employable, academically achieving, healthy and socially connected," adds The Beast.  

The Beast Foundation is partnering with higher education institutions and corporates to provide scholarships for education and link beneficiaries to bursary opportunities. 

Teach South Africa's managing director Tham Tham De Verteuil says they are excited to support The Beast Foundation as it responds to challenges in the education sector by supporting the African child to improve their quality of education irrespective of their socio-economic background.  

"We need more organisations like The Beast Foundation to make a difference in the lives of young people. We need an empowered, educated self-reliant youth who initiate and participate in education development," says De Verteuil.  

Henley Business School Dean Jon Foster-Pedley says, "I am proud to announce Henley's support to Beast Foundation. We have long been concerned with providing lifelong learning pathways to assist people in acquiring business skills and qualifications." 

"Working with The Beast Foundation, we will together assist sportspeople to gain the business skills and qualifications that will help them transition from a playing career into business entrepreneurs, managers and leaders," adds Foster-Pedley.

"This will help not only build a stronger sports industry in South Africa but will also make entering sports a more viable career choice since there will be more possibilities and options at the end of playing careers," concludes Foster-Pedley.  

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