Data is a great tool to help you incorporate valuable data for your PR strategy. Rather than using your instinct, data will help you to understand better where your company is heading.

It will provide insight into how you've been running your PR campaign, and which part needs improvement. Another benefit of data-driven PR is how it's going to improve press releases by providing precise statistics behind your business.

Your press release will look even better if it's backed-up by correct statistics behind your work. However, hiring a data analysis professional is a priority if you choose this model.

Here are some aspects of what data-driven PR is and why you should use it in your PR strategy:

Combining PR with big data

With data, you can now track numbers such as views, clicks, engagements and much more. When you have data this valuable, you can plan your PR strategy according to market needs and target different groups.

For example, 'Likes' on social media can be tracked and analysed. It will provide you with insight into what's popular among different age groups. You can track the popularity of your previous releases and analyse if you did well.

If you see that your content is lacking, you can always make changes in your approach. Big data will allow you to make corrections one step at a time. That will help your PR team to plan their campaign according to popular new trends online.

If you know what's popular, you can easily adjust the way you are releasing the content for your target groups.

Improved targeting

Data is your powerful ally for identifying different target groups. Your PR team can now analyse the best way to present your product or service and you can target different age or interest groups with the power of the provided data.

Data will give you an insight into who is interested in what you have to offer. If some groups are not interested, you should not waste your time and money targeting them in your PR campaign.

You can focus all your resources to specific groups who will love the idea of using your product or services. That's the core principle of data-driven public relations strategy, so take full advantage of it.

The integration of news and trends

Getting the right piece of data will help you identify popular news and trends followed by society. Use that data to shape your PR strategy when you promote your product through the news. Allow your PR tactics to change according to recent news and trends.

Identify what adjustments you can make following the changes made in popular trends. Being able to change along the way is the beauty of the data-driven PR. It guarantees that this way of advertisement will play a key role in targeting the wide range of interest groups.

Quantity and quality of PR reach

It's imperative to analyse these two stats for your data-driven public relations strategy. Some experts claim that the quantity of PR reach is not that important as quality.

Quantity means that you are getting many hits on your release. But in most cases, they are not targeted to the right groups of interest. Don't get us wrong: the quantity of hits is important, but it doesn't tell the whole story.

You have to prioritise the quality of the release and how relevant it's to the readers. Outlets that are publishing your release must be specialised in your field of work. As such, your content will find a way to the right readers who will find the information useful.

The business benefits of big data in PR

One of the best benefits is that you will have total control over your content. With the correct approach, your business will reach the readers interested in what you have to offer.

Targeting the correct groups will help your business to be above the competition. Using data to find out more about your audience and measure the popularity of your press release will result in success.

Publishing the correct data in your press release will boost your brand's popularity. You will also look like a professional in the eyes of the readers. The more popular your brand gets, the more money will be added to your bank account.

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