The global executive board of the WCFA is tasked with leading the association through the next phase of its global and programmatic expansion as most world economies begin to emerge from various levels of Covid-19 Lockdowns.

Moeng has been elected to serve a further three years in the recently expanded 10 members global executives of the WCFA. The newly elected board members are meant to increase the WCFA footprint around the world.

WCFA is led by international public relations expert and author Maxim Behar (Bulgaria), who takes on a three-year mandate as president. The new board boasts three vice-presidents: Solly Moeng (South Africa), Ganesh Chandrasekaran (India) and Jon-Hans Coetzer (Portugal).

Newly accepted board members are:
  • Nurul Ashiqin Shamsuri (Malaysia)
  • Clara Ly-Le (Vietnam)
  • Mina Nazari (Iran)
  • Professor Jacqueline Strayer (the United States of America)
  • Saurabh Uboweja (India), and
  • Cesare Valli (Italy). 
Mumbai, India-based Yogesh Joshi will act as an external controller on key executive board matters.

"I am delighted to have been re-elected to serve a further three-year term on this august professional communication body as one of three vice-presidents," says Moeng.

"Leadership and succession is extremely important, especially in professional bodies. This helps maximise efficiency to achieve broader organisational goals," Says Victor Sibeko, PRISA's CEO.

"Moeng's appointment comes at the right time where PRISA is strongly advocating for succession that develops new leaders who bring new expertise and can enhance existing leadership as we replace leaders when they retire or leave an organisation," concludes Sibeko.

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