PR-experts from 10 countries around the world will aim to share their practice and analyse big market players in their regions such as China, the United States of America, Canada, Brazil and Europe. 

They will focus on the digitalisation of the PR function.

"The growing role of PR has been discussed and praised during the pandemic. We were focused on putting down the fires of public crises, worked at updating sustainable development strategies, protecting reputation and changing the whole process of management of external and internal communications," says Elena Groznaya, senior partner of iMARS, which is a member of the RPRA Executive Council. 

"We gained the considerable trust of business towards PR function. Nevertheless, soon this war will be over and we will live in a new environment, completely changed by the COVID-driven digital revolution," adds Groznaya.

The discussion will consider the possibility and necessity of using the newest instruments of digital marketing to solve such typical PR tasks, such as working on the goals of sustainable development strategy, promotion of a companies' corporate values or communications with local communities. The discussion will comprise:
  • examples of using AI for PR needs
  • how CRM and big data can be used to ease our lives in PR
  • voice assistants / virtual assistants, and
  • the newest tools of online advertising and how we can integrate or adapt them for PR tasks.
Other questions that will be highlighted include:
  • PR vs marketing: who should correct communication mistakes
  • Does PR have the same practical, fast and large-scale tools to stop the crisis?
  • Is there parity between the two functions in managing the communication process, and is it possible in principle?
The summit is free to attend. Preliminary registration is obligatory; individuals can register here

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