Kiewit declared his vows, "To hake and to hold, for batter or worse, in fishness and in health, until depths do us part," in response to a Valentine's Day engagement tweet. 

The tweet showed a proposal with an engagement ring placed inside a takeaway fish and chips from comedian Simon Orgill. Kiewit's vow saw Sea Harvest response, "I do!"

Kiewit then challenged Sea Harvest to prove its true love by assisting The Lavender Hill Sports and Recreation Foundation and Philisa Abafazi Bethu South Africa in its mission to feed the youth in the community.

Motivated by the initiative, the Sea Harvest Foundation got involved. Sea Harvest also took it one step further and challenged its favourite freezer friend, McCain, to 'chip in'.

"A big thank you and much appreciation to Sea Harvest and McCain who have become 'Friends In Your Freezer' for the approximate 2 000 children they helped feed in Lavender Hill. McCain, thank you 'veggy veggy' much. Sea Harvest, you got us 'hook, line, and sinker'. Till nets time," Lester Kiewit tweeted.

Mark Nicholson, the founder of the Lavender Hill Sports and Recreation Foundation, says, "I am so very grateful. The children normally just have soup, so for them to have a tasty meal makes a world of difference."

"To see the look on the children’s faces was honestly unbelievable. You could see the excitement in their eyes and how thankful they were. Thank you to Lester, Sea Harvest and McCain. It is proof that we can all make a difference," adds Nicholson.

Lucinda Evans, head of Philisa Abafazi Bethu South Africa, says, "When the truck arrived on Friday, I was ecstatic. It takes a lot for me to feel like a five-year-old child and that is exactly what this donation did."

"Receiving fish fingers and chips as a meal on Friday just lit up the faces of everyone who received a meal. Because of Covid-19, food security has been so difficult to achieve, so donations like these mean the absolute world to us and I don't think many people realise the joy that these donations bring," adds Evans.

"Thank you to Lester, Sea Harvest and McCain for their donation. The feeling we are all experiencing now is indescribable," Evans concludes.

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