Bosch Rexroth Ghana haven, which is home to 40 children aged 10 months to 12 years, strives to transform the lives of children and young people who pass through its doors to become independent and useful to themselves and the society through Christian-based training.

The importance of education was key to these discussions, according to the duo, and it was agreed that Bosch Rexroth Ghana would provide much-needed items to assist the children with their schooling requirements. Each child received a brand new school bag, a new pair of shoes and a set of clothing.

"While education is pivotal, we also wanted to help the children enjoy childhood as much as possible," says Booth. To this end, Bosch Rexroth Ghana renovated the children’s playground.

The swing, a see-saw and merry-go-round were rebuilt, two large sandboxes constructed and toys provided for all children. With the help of Bosch Rexroth Ghana employees, all items were painted and installed in a shaded area, rather than their previous sun-exposed positioning.

"This playground goes hand-in-hand with the children's development and brings much joy to them, as it did to all orphanage personnel on the day of the gifting," says a spokesperson for Fathers Home Care Ministries.

The children are cared for by five single parents, all of whom reside permanently at the orphanage.

"We have taken the decision to support the orphanage as part of our ongoing CSI service to Takoradi communities," Booth says. "We will meet with the directors annually to determine the children's educational, clothing and leisure requirements."

The Ghanaian Bosch Rexroth subsidiary has also been allocated funding by the Primavera Foundation in Germany, an organisation of Bosch employees who mainly support various projects pertaining to children worldwide.

"The funding is being used to help complete a partially built house on the orphanage premises," Booth adds. "The house, with re-construction having commenced early in March 2021, will accommodate 16 children once complete."

"The Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group of Companies remains dedicated to giving back to the communities in which we operate," concludes Bosch Rexroth South Africa group marketing manager Gillian Allin. "We would like to thank and congratulate Bosch Rexroth Ghana for living our values and helping others to keep moving."

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