media update’s Nakedi Phala reveals what PR pros can learn from the classic ‘80s series, The A-Team. 

The A-Team can be equated to a Swiss army knife, with each team member having a different function and purpose. These all fit and work together to benefit the brand and client at large. 

If you can’t remember exactly how or why these individuals cooperated so well, then here’s a clip to jog your memory — and to allow you to reminisce a little bit: 

Feeling all pumped up, aren’t you? 

Let’s not delay any further!

Here’s what PR pros can learn from The A-Team: 

Lead like Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith

Although Smith is more experienced than the rest of The A-Team, his ability to be open and willing to listen to each of the squad members’ ideas is what makes him always say "I love it when a plan comes together" at the end of each assignment!

This is essentially what makes Smith such an empowering leader: the fact that he’s aware of how his knowledge is superior, and yet, he is still keen to listen and learn — and he never forgets to motivate the team! 

And that’s exactly why you should lead like "Hannibal" Smith. You can do this by driving everyone into the spirit of teamwork with teambuilding sessions, hosting brainstorming meetings to hear what others think and by having each member actively contribute to each other’s ideas.  

When applied to the PR space, it’s clear that these characteristics can make you a top-notch leader (one that is devoid of a dictatorship approach). This is what usually makes a team gel and deliver great results in campaigns. 

Handle all crises like Templeton "Faceman" Peck

A PR team needs someone who can handle internal or external crisis matters — enter Faceman Peck: Calm, cool and observant, always! 

Everyone has naturally strong personal skills that complement their work. And if you’re someone with an upbeat attitude like Peck, who can smile in the face of a crisis, then you’ll easily be able to seize any opportunity to extinguish it! 

This A-Team member is quick on his feet, which is a great skill to have when answering impromptu questions from the media. Essentially, you need to be someone with a ‘fix it’ attitude, meaning if a campaign isn’t going well, or a client is in a crisis situation, you never give up until the problem has been resolved. 

Lastly, you need to enjoy the little things, like dancing with trouble to save the team. Weird, right? Just like Peck! 

Be a spirit lifter like Howling Mad Murdock

Every PR team could do with a fun and lively character like Howling Mad Murdock, who always has a way of lifting the team’s spirit when the mood is down. 

This goofy character is energetic and always filled with positive vibes. So, what value does someone with Murdock’s caliber bring to a team? Well, a person like him will help build an uplifting and happy work culture.

And we can all agree that this type of environment allows employees to deliver more successful results over time. This, in turn, improves people’s relationships with each other and amplifies their abilities and their creativity.” And who wouldn’t want that?

That’s why every PR team needs a funny Murdock to lighten up the mood and make work seem effortless, and a day shorter.

Embrace Amy Amanda "Triple A" Allen’s journalistic instinct

What’s a PR team without someone with a journalist’s instinct? That’s where “Triple A” Allen fits in. This is someone who always has their ear to the ground regarding any information that could be of use to the team! 

In the world of PR, it’s essential to have a good rapport with the media and journalists. Think about it: You work with these people on a daily! That’s why having a team member that is always informed is extremely beneficial, as they’ll know which of their clients’ content can make it in which publications. 

Now, we’re not saying that you should be a reporter like Allen. You just need to know how to think like a journalist. Because who better to liaise with stakeholders and other parties than a person who’s had the experience of being on the other side of the fence, grilling and asking difficult questions? Not only that but embracing your ‘journalistic’ side as a PR pro will also lead to great writing, listening and persuasive skills! 

Be assertive like B. A. Baracus

Firm and assertive — with a dash of bravery! Except when it comes to flying, that is. Sounds like B. A. Barcus, doesn’t it? So, what can a PR pro learn from this A-Team member?

Well, we all know that when he makes a statement, he means what he says and says what he means! Also, his bold nature shows that he is confident. There’s just something about his character that screams “I know what I’m doing and I’m sure of it!” And this is exactly the type of attitude you need to adopt as a PR pro.

When you exude confidence, not only do you start to believe in yourself, but others will believe in you too! Not only that but adopting a bold attitude will also show your team that you’re able to handle anything you’re signed up for. 

Just like Baracus, being bold ties right in with being honest about the things you don’t know or that you have difficulties with.

For example, if you’re not great at addressing large audiences, but you are in fact skilled at writing a compelling press statement, let your team know. This won’t take away any great skills and abilities you possess. However, it will complement your character.

The key to being assertive is not worrying about acting a fool. Why? Because as the famous saying goes ...

“I pity the fool” You read that in B.A’s voice, didn’t you? We did too! 

What other characteristics make up a great PR pro? Let us know in the comments section. 

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