LSA, as a service and sporting organisation, is committed to providing lifeguarding services and promoting and educating the development of water safety to all communities of South Africa.

Every year, LSA aims to equip thousands of lifeguards with the necessary skills to protect South African beaches and inland swimming areas, contributing to public and community safety.

According to the programme, there will also be a greater reach for learners with LSA's school Watersmart Program, which is vital in creating awareness among the youth around water safety to reduce drowning in South Africa, and one of LSA's most important objectives in ensuring South Africa's coastlines, inland waterways and public swimming areas are safe for all South Africans.

"As a sponsor of Lifesaving South Africa, we are honoured and thrilled to partner with LSA. Family and the creation of special moments worth sharing are what we are about; Wimpy understands that South African families create a great deal of memories on our beautiful beaches," says Jacques Cronje, marketing executive for Wimpy.

"It is because of the selfless and brave men and women that all of this is possible. We hope our support for Lifesaving South Africa will further enable the lifesaving community to save lives, prevent drowning and promote water safety," adds Cronje.

"Lifesaving South Africa welcomes the renewal of the relationship with Wimpy in our efforts to prevent drowning. The brands of Lifesaving South Africa and Wimpy are synonymous with family and healthy and safe recreation," says Dhaya Sewduth, Lifesaving South Africa's president.

"Our core mission is to channel massive efforts of energy to ensure that our young nippers and micro nippers, at all our voluntary clubs, are taught to be water safe and competent in and around water bodies and to ensure they understand the risks and able to mitigate those risks," adds Sewduth.

"Moving into the schools and communities, we view this partnership in taking our '#WaterSmart' campaign to greater scales to ensure that Water safety reaches every vulnerable child and home," says Sewduth.

The Treble Group, which facilitated the initial partnership in 2019 between LSA and Wimpy, played an integral role in the renewal process. Treble Group MD, Kyle Nel, says that he is looking forward to seeing the lifesaving community grow from strength to strength.

"The renewal represents a major boost to LSA in their efforts to ensure water safety throughout South Africa, and while the Covid-19 pandemic has come with its unprecedented challenges, this partnership serves as an acknowledgement of the selfless work done by the lifesaving volunteers. I wish both LSA and Wimpy every success in this continued partnership," concludes Nel.

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