Due to more people working from home, it has become a priority for professionals in the industry to have an ‘always-on’ mindset, which is leading to people having symptoms of burnout — especially in the PR space. This is because, when working in this industry, you constantly need to prove your worth and ensure that your client sees that your efforts are worth their salt.

So, whether you’re working at the office, at home or at your favourite coffee shop, you need to take a proper break from your screen every day. Not only will taking a bit of a breather from your work benefit your mental health, but it will also help you in other areas.

Let’s dive deeper:

Taking breaks makes for a creative PR pro

Taking a much-needed break and having fun can inspire, educate and equip you to become more creative. We’re not just talking about coming up with new ideas for clients and initiatives, but also allowing yourself to resolve issues in a unique manner. For instance, has there been a PR crisis that’s been plaguing your mind, because it would appear that there’s no real solution for it?

Removing yourself from the situation and, say, going for a walk, can help you see it from a new, (dare we say) ‘creative’ angle. On your walk, you might see a funny billboard or an advert that inspires you.

This then leads to your solution. Let’s say the crisis is your client receiving a bit of flak for a spelling error on social media. Perhaps you can make that error part of your next campaign as a joke — because sometimes, owning the situation is the best way to solve a problem.

Making getaways part of your daily routine will also encourage out-of-the-box thinking, even when it comes to building relationships (one of your highest priorities as a PR pro).

People skills are learnt through experience in various spaces. The more areas you explore, the more unique scenarios and people you encounter — and the better people skills you equip yourself with. Quite easy, is it not? Talk about creative surroundings overload!

Taking breaks relieves stress

People have become more stressed than ever before. Everyone is in a rat race, constantly trying to be available and working hard to build up their businesses — some of which have taken a knock due to the current economy. And let’s face it, the PR industry is already nerve-racking to begin with.

From getting earned media for clients to handling a PR crisis, it’s easy to get overwhelmed under the pressure. And that is exactly why you need to step away from your work.

According to The Wellbeing Thesis, “A relaxing break can help to facilitate recovery by returning your mental and psychical functional systems to their baseline.” Taking a “break can help to reset your mood, thereby promoting positive wellbeing and reducing stress.”

For example, imagine you are dealing with a difficult client and you’re feeling overwhelmed with the situation because they’re not agreeing with your ideas. Even though you cannot just remove yourself from the meeting, if things are getting heated, you can either ask them to excuse you for a few minutes or even if you can discuss the matter again when you have had more time to think about it. This break away from the problem will allow you to come up with a better solution that will work for both of you.

Your break away (even if it’s just to get coffee or go to the bathroom) will allow you to clear your mind and calm down.

Additionally, it’s good exercise! Getting up and moving around while taking a break allows for physical and mental well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Get up and move!

Taking breaks connects PR pros with the world around them

Working in such a digitised world, PR pros often forget how to be human. For example, if you’re in a remote working situation, have you found that you forget how to communicate with others in your daily surroundings? You start to feel crazy, as if you’re losing all your social skills. Taking a much-needed break and getting out of the office allows you to continually make time to be human and keep your social etiquette intact.

Also, this gives you an opportunity to have interesting conversations with your colleagues or even strangers who are waiting in a queue, paying for their third cup of coffee that day. Being a successful PR pro is all about knowing what opportunities are out there, and not being confined to the desk the entire time.

Also, building up your social skills is quite important in this industry, as you need to know how to communicate in a professional as well as casual capacity. Especially considering that part of your job is to attend events (virtual and otherwise) and to build client relationships. And you’re not going to build these social skills by being glued to your screen.

So, my question to you is this: Why are you still at your desk? Go, go, go — the great unknown is waiting to be explored — by you!

Why else do you think PR pros need to take breaks away from the office? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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