This programme is suitable for professionals involved with corporate affairs, educational institutions, government at a local municipality level, Corporate Social Investment, NGOs and other community-based organisations.

Any professional engaged in community development endeavour with interest or experience in public relations and / or community development content may apply.

The assessments include a practical, as well as a workplace-based assignment. The cost to participate in the programme is R9 800 (Incl. VAT).

The CRDC modules cover the following:
  • an introduction to community relations
  • the community relations content (a socio-historical overview)
  • the importance of community development and communication negotiation
  • CSI
  • sponsorship
  • research
  • background
  • research methodologies
  • primary research
  • communication auditing
  • action research and grounded theory
  • corporate involvement
  • working in the community
  • scenarios
  • project management in communities
  • corporate withdrawal and project sustainability
  • practical exercise
  • a discussion of practical exercise, and 
  • case studies.
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