The team at media update looks at the four metrics PR pros need to measure.

While the whole world has gone digital, it only makes sense for PR pros to let go of the traditional way of doing things and to welcome the new methods of measurement with open arms. This is especially true considering all the new, smart tools that these practitioners have at their disposal.

But which metrics are the most important? Well, it’s important to start by knowing the difference between vanity metrics and actionable metrics. Vanity metrics are the ones that look good on paper, but they don't really add any value to your business. For example, you may beam with pride at the 1 000 000 views your webpage got that week, but with a bounce rate of 90%, does it really mean anything if people are clicking away?

It’s time to face the numbers (the relevant ones, that is).

Here are the four metrics every PR pro should be measuring:

Are you currently measuring any of these PR metrics? Let us know in the comments section below.

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