First things first — PR does not equal marketing — but this doesn't mean that these disciplines have nothing in common. In fact, it is quite the opposite. 

Both industries follow a similar process but achieve different end goals. PR is centered on maintaining a solid reputation, while marketing focuses on lead generation and advertising

Forbes puts it best, explaining that, “PR is a marathon, not a sprint.” 

This means that public relations is built on sustained efforts to cultivate a positive brand identity, while marketing relies on powerful campaigns to increase awareness and drive sales. 

With this in mind, marketing and PR bounce off of each other to build a more holistic brand image. Where your PR efforts help you in the long haul, marketing offers bursts of promotion to help your brand stand out. 

Additionally, these industries differ in targeting. Public relations aims to reach the public at large while marketing targets current and potential consumers.

media update’s Taylor Goodman unpacks the differences between these industries to clear things up once and for all. 

Ready? Let’s get into it:

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Now that you know the differences, find out more about how these industries relate in our Infographic: The blurred line between PR and marketing
*Image courtesy of Vecteezy