From Gen Z to Boomers, most people have at least one social media profile, if not more. For this reason, more brands have been migrating to these online platforms to try and build brand awareness and connect with their consumers.

So PR pros, what are you waiting for? Why not use social media as a tool to help your brand present itself more authentically? 

media update’s Taylor Goodman gives three ways that PR pros can use social media to humanise their brand here:

1. Integrate influencers into your social strategy

As the power dynamics between brands and customers continue to shift in the buyers favour, more businesses are venturing down the influencer route. 

Why? Well, influencers are more relatable and trustworthy to the customer, so by using them to act as a buffer between the audience and the business, you are able to humanise your brand. 

Need more convincing? Aside from adding a face to the brand, integrating influencers into your PR strategy can drive engagement, help you tap into new audiences, generate sales and improve your overall brand reputation

If you really want to get bang for your buck, it is reported that micro influencers, anyone that has between 10 000 and 100 000 followers, are most effective in PR campaigns. 

This is due to them being able to fit into more niche markets and having higher levels of engagement with followers compared to bigger influencers. 

By looking outside of traditional PR methods and utilising influencers, your clients will reap the rewards of a more engaged and trusting consumer base. 

2. Manage crises in real-time online

News travels fast on social media, and this is precisely why it is crucial for PR pros to keep their finger on the pulse of brand conversations online. 

Think about it: When you take interest in a new brand, you’ll likely check out  its reviews and how the brand engages with its followers. 

This is something we all do when contemplating giving a new brand a try. For this reason, it's key that your brand is on the ball with its responses to any complaints, compliments or queries. 

It starts with knowing what your audience has to say about your brand, which will help you to stop any potential crises. By keeping an eye out for potential risk, before the fire starts, you can identify and defuse any hubbub quickly and efficiently. 

So, why not make it easy on yourself and let a social listening tool do the foundational work for you? 

By understanding the sentiment behind a consumer's post, you will be able to respond accordingly.  This is where the human touch comes in.

Let’s say that a disgruntled customer takes to Twitter to complain about your brand’s customer service. 

If you are using a social monitoring tool, you will be alerted of any brand mentions via a Reaction List. You will then be able to assess the situation and craft your response to perfection. 

By monitoring brand mentions and responding timeously to bad press, you will build a report as a trustworthy and reliable brand. 

3. Leverage hashtags for campaigns

Do you want your client’s campaign to be #trending? Then you should consider throwing some personalised hashtags in the mix. Nothing says “human” like personalisation

If you’re wondering how this could possibly boost visibility, the answer is quite simple — hashtags start a conversation. And on social media, conversation is everything

When you create a branded hashtag, you will be able to track any follower that uses it or engages with it, allowing you to connect with your audience. 

This will go leaps and bounds in making your brand more human because of that close engagement with its audience. 

Additionally, you will gain insight into your campaign's performance by monitoring your hashtag. It will also give insights into whether you are achieving your goals or not. 

PR pros, how do you use social media to your advantage? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below.

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*Image courtesy of Unsplash