The programmes are premised on public-private partnerships and continue to be supported by the Department of Basic Education and other aligned national government departments. 

To date, the 'My Future, My Career' programme has enabled over 300 000 learners to gain access to quality career guidance content and support.  

My Future, My Career is a career guidance programme that encourages learners to explore and take full advantage of available career opportunities, helping them identify an ideal career path they are passionate about and wish to pursue. 

According to the programme, this is critical to ensure that learners from under-resourced schools are better equipped to be more competitive in the entrepreneurial and labour markets and close the skills shortage that South Africa is facing. 

The programme showcases more than 115 career choices available across 16 industries and will benefit 1 044 grade 9 learners from four provinces in Eastern Cape, Kwa-Zulu Natal, Western Cape and Gauteng. 

Additional video and written career guidance content will be distributed via the free WhatsApp Career Portal. 

"We are extremely passionate and proud to giving back to the communities in which we operate. One of our core beliefs is caring for, supporting and empowering our people. Our commitment to making a difference will make it possible for future generations to benefit from this initiative," says Mamello Masia, general manager of human resources at Protea Chemicals. 

"South Africa has many families where children do not have guidance on which subjects to select in grade 9, and yet this is a pivotal point in a young person's life that will craft their potential future career paths," adds Masia.

"We, therefore, as a business, want to play a role in supporting learners to understand different careers, understand themselves and assess which careers best suit them. We will afford learners psychometric assessments with our partner, Thomas International, and help them access individual career reports," Masia says. 

"The career reports coupled with the career screenings will empower these young people to be more informed when selecting subjects. We will further ensure that their teachers also receive a career development information officer qualification, which will be a sustainable method to continue to support learners for years to come, post the programme," concludes Masia. 

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