Tractor says that it ran a series of advertisements across its billboards. This aimed to create awareness around Fight Back South Africa's self-defense workshops that are specifically geared towards teaching women how to disarm gun and knife attacks.

Tractor has also sponsored several billboards for online learning platform Be a Better Human's situational awareness class, which is designed to help women become more aware of their surroundings and attuned to potential dangers.

Proceeds generated from the class are then donated to Fight Back South Africa, aiding the organisation by funding the work they do in communities where GBV is most prevalent.

Lizelle Mc Connell, sales director at Tractor Outdoor, says, "GBV is an atrocity occurring every day in South Africa and we need to create more awareness around it, while also providing women with the tools they need to protect themselves."

"It was heartbreaking to see that the pandemic only served to exacerbate GBV, with women being trapped at home with nowhere to escape from their abusive partners. We believe that it is every woman's right to live without fear, and we are proud to be able to support this initiative that seeks to empower women," adds Mc Connell.

Nicole Mirkin, founding director of Fight Back South Africa, says, "Fight Back South Africa is immensely grateful to Tractor for sponsoring a free self defence class for the women and children of Bishop Lavis in Cape Town this month."

"Tractor has helped us distribute pepper sprays and combat skills to the women of our country today; without companies like Tractor, we wouldn't be able to help women take their safety into their own hands," adds Mirkin.

"While there is a vaccine for Covid-19, we don't have one for GBV. It is the collective effort of our public and private sector that will ensure the empowerment of our women and children this Women's Month," concludes Mirkin.

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