The purpose of this award is to reward and recognise initiatives that have used their platforms to build a sense of satisfaction and love for South Africa and its people.

One of Brand South Africa's primary goals is to create a positive, unifying image of South Africa. One that builds pride, promotes investment and tourism, helps grow new enterprises and increases job creation.

Introducing the Nation Pride Award during September highlights the significance of this goal. Furthermore, the judges will be searching for social movements that are authentic and aligned with this mission.

"Nation pride is about celebrating our heritage, diversity, values and all the beautiful parts of what has brought us here as a nation. It's a reconciliation of the past, the present and our hope for the future," says Paul Modjadji, Brand South Africa Play Your Part Awards's judge and world-renowned choreographer.

"It is about actively taking ownership of project — let's build South Africa. The eligible winner of the Nation Pride Award embodies the spirit of ubuntu for which we are custodians as a nation," adds Modjadji.

As a result of their national identity, individuals and organisations wanting to enter this category must showcase a strong sense of pride in their South African heritage and citizenship through their social development initiatives.

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