Empty bread plastic bags, two-litre milk bottle labels and courier bags provide some of the plastic that has been repurposed into creating the shopping bags.

According to Regine le Roux, the brainchild behind the Re.Bag.Re.Use initiative, lockdown forced many to haul out and dust off their hobbies.

"Mine was my crochet pen," says le Roux. "During this time, I realised just how much plastic was being generated and thrown away every day, so I decided to find a way to repurpose it. Crocheting with plastic worked." 

When a ReBag.ReUse bag is purchased, not only is it keeping plastic from going to the landfill but it is also investing into the empowerment of the local community and charities. The sales from the bags are used to pay a stipend to the crocheters, the cutters and a percentage also goes to a local charity.

"Recently, a lady bought nine bags that were taken to the United States as gifts. We're absolutely thrilled that these bags are now 'international'," adds le Roux. 

"We are incredibly grateful for the support from everyone in Hout Bay. The local haberdashery Fiddlesticks has kindly offered to be a drop-off point for the plastic bags," concludes le Roux. 

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