Spotify is an audio streaming subscription service with a community of more than 356 million monthly active users, as well as 158 million premium subscribers.

Michelle Atagana, head of communications and public relations for sub-Saharan Africa, says that championing new genre discovery by being a leading partner for creators is a big focus for the brand.

"With Irvine Partners on board as our communications agency, we look forward to strengthening our positioning and commitment to the African market. Music, creativity, and storytelling is a great part of African culture and we're focusing on articulating Spotify’s offering for listeners and creators across the continent," says Atagana.

According to the duo, there has been exponential growth in interest in African music — particularly Afrobeats, Amapiano and Gengetone — and Spotify aims to amplify artists from the continent.

Earlier in 2021, Spotify Africa introduced its EQUAL Artist Programme, which is its commitment to fostering equity for women in music globally. DBN Gogo, a DJ based in South Africa, was October's Artist of the Month. Previous Artists of the Month include Nigerian star Tiwa Savage and Kenya's Ssaru wa Manyaru.

"Film does well on our continent, as does arts and culture, and with the rise of self-publishing artists, we’re continually introduced to new talent in our own backyard. There is massive potential for Africa's musicians and creatives," says Irvine Partners CEO Rachel Irvine.

"We believe that Spotify Africa is well placed to be part of a movement that is calling on decision-makers and audiences to open up the industry and to diversify it with multi-layered talent and artistry. We're looking forward to being part of this new era in entertainment with Spotify," concludes Irvine.

The agency will handle all media inquiries around Spotify in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

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